Oasthaus. Good With Design.
What does it take to make the World a better place?
Illustration of a globe with Socially? Ethically? Environmentally? written around it.
We believe four key things.
Man Bag motif. Old fashioned strong man, struggling with a heavy dumbell labelled 21st C.
Men need a positive new definition of masculinity.

Free from outdated ideals of dominance, aggression & strength.

(Ideals still blighting our democracies, businesses, and too many of our homes.)

Hand Bag motif. Female hand gripping a lightning bolt, signifying power.
We need gender equality for humanity to thrive.

Crucial for a fairer and more representative planet.

(White middle-class, middle-aged men still occupy approx. 75% of all Gov, boardroom and media positions.)

School Bag motif. Designed like a school badge, this design features illustrations symbolising play, friendship, exploration. Underneath in a latin-styled scroll is the moto, Keep Larking About.
Children need the freedom to bond, explore, play and create.

Free from passed-down prejudices and with wide-open minds.

(Ultimately, this is where our behaviours and beliefs are shaped.)

Carrier Bag motif. An illustration of Pat the pigeon holding a sign which reads, Come Together.
Society needs to celebrate difference and drive out hate.

As Covid-19 has proven, we are all part of the same human race.

(And healthy, progressive societies need each of us to take part.)

Illustration of a crude foundation stone, with the words 'We call this quartet the FOUNDATION' written on it.
These are huge and sometimes uncomfortable issues. They require research and a willingness to learn. They require personal reflection and a commitment to listen. Most importantly of all, they require ACTION, in everyday, tangible ways.
OK, so how to get started?
We’ve partnered with four leading charities who are changing laws, behaviours and beliefs.
Good Lad Initiative official charity logo that links to their donation page.
The Good Lad Initiative aims to transform the behaviours and attitudes of young men and boys, not otherwise engaged in equality debates.

Visit their website.

Fawcett Society official charity logo that links to their donation page.
The Fawcett Society is the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights.

Visit their website.

Diversity Role Models official charity logo that links to their donation page.
Diversity Role Models work with young people to deliver a vision of the world where everyone embraces diversity and can thrive.

Visit their website.

HOPE Not Hate Charitable Trust official charity logo that links to their donation page.
HOPE Not Hate is an anti-fascist, anti-racist campaigns organisation that provides positive antidotes to the politics of hate.

Visit their website.

Where we come in
Our mission is to use design in a thought-provoking, non-finger-waggy way to get people engaged in these types of debates. Design that serves a functional purpose, and is accessible to all.
Pick up a bag in support
After months in suspension due to COVID-19, we are delighted that our ethical cotton totes are back online!

Head to the Caxton Rhode Store (our shop front) to pick one up.
We donate 100% of profits to charities relating to each design.

(The reason we decided not to integrate the shop with this website, is that Shopify requires Javascript and a set of standard cookies to run. As this website doesn’t collect any data, we we want to give you the choice whether or not to proceed.)

Photo of our yellow Man Bag with old fashioned blue strong man motif.
Man Bag shoulder tote.
Photo of our dark grey Hand Bag with yellow hand and lighning bolt motif.
Hand Bag shoulder tote.
Photo of our navy blue School Bag with yellow school badge style motif.
School Bag shoulder tote.
Photo of our natural cotton Carrier Bag with blue carrier pigeon motif.
Carrier Bag Big Shopper.
Or simply donate
Pictogram of a donation jar with the words Good With Design written on it.
You can also make a monetary donation by clicking the collection tin above. 100% of all money collected via this button will be distributed evenly amongst the quartet.

Alternatively, clicking on the charity logos above, will take you directly to their individual donation pages.